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Paper Craft Commission FAQ:

 1. What is the commission process? 

Cut Paper art for me is a long winded process-however, as far as all you have to do is send me a description of what you want (with references would be nice, but not necessary). Though, I hold the right to deny a commission. After the subject of the commission is discussed*, a down payment (25% of the full quote) will be placed-if I do not receive said down payment with in two (2) weeks-the commission becomes void. 

Shortly after the down payment is payed, you will receive a sketch and some color swatches (if the piece, is in color). The Sketch MUST be approved before working on the final works. You then will get an email of an estimated work time-cut paper takes an awful long while so estimations can range from 3 weeks to x amount of months. 

After that, when the work is done, you will get a low rez showing your piece is finished! And it's time to pay the toll for it to be shipped to you. 

* This "discussion" will include the amount the down payment will be, what "kind" of paper cutting it will be, and how much the full commission will cost. Down payments are a part of the full quote but not the FINAL amount due. Final payments MUST be sent in FULL before original work is sent via the mail. This also does NOT include shipping costs-that will be done separately after the piece is finished. 

2. What "Kind" of Cut Paper do you do? 
I have multiple styles to choose from: 

Flat/Flats-This is layered paper with little to no use of other media. Naked paper, baby. This is also, hands down, the fastest style I work in. Expect a 3-4 week estimated time after receiving a sketch. 

B/W Wash- Black and White ink wash cut paper is just using black on white water color paper and using only extreme whites/greys/blacks. This can have an eerie feeling to it.  This can take more time than flats, expect 1 month to 2 months after receiving a sketch. 

Color Wash-Color ink washed water color paper with other predetermined color paper...this can really make a piece or character pop and look unique. By far the most time consuming in the racket, but worth it, imho (but I'm the artist what the hell do I know?) This can range from 2 months to, easily, 4 months. I also want to say, that estimation can change depending on the size and interactivity of characters/ objects. It's not that I "can't do it" it's a matter of time consuming it can be. 

3. What size is your work? 

 The largest I will go is 12in x 18in and no smaller than 8in x 8in (Single character)... however, any type of size between that is up to you really. You got a weird frame? 8in x 17in? I'll do it. If you have a frame, make sure that you mention that to me directly, I will need to trim the size by a quarter inch for it to fit properly. 

So, can you break down your commission process for me? 
1. Discussion E-mail. This is where we will lay down the land of your piece. When this phase is over you will then receive a down payment price. This is to insure that-for whatever reason-if a commissioner to back away from a project, I still make a small profit for my time. 

What is included in the Discussion E-Mail: 
  -Downpayment/full quote (the down payment is 25% the final quote-but needs to be paid in full before the sketching phase, remember there is a 2 week waiting period for the downpayment, if it's not paid by that time the commission is completely voided) 
-What "kind" of cut paper you are looking into, needs to be discussed before the sketch phase. 


2. Sketch E-mail. This is where you will receive shortly after the downpayment is payed, a sketch of the discussed subject. Ether a color swatch or past example to show you what I was thinking as far as color goes (if it's a color piece.) Remember, the sketch MUST be approved before the final piece-after approval you will get an estimated time, by me, on it's completion. 

3. Final Piece E-Mail. Here you will finally be told your piece is finished! You will get a low resolution scan of your piece and asking for a shipping address. This will also include the shipping costs. All products will be withheld if FINAL payments are not paid. 

That's it! That's the process! 

With something paper cut art, I don't have set prices, I'm sorry. I make stencils out of everything you see being put into that work and hand cut them out with an exact-o knife, I wish it was easier to just slap a garage sale sticker on it  and say "all done!" Not how it works, friend. That's why the discussion e-mail is so necessary, we can feel out what you want/afford and figure it out from there.  The least you expect to pay will be roughly $85-$100 with shipping. 

BUT WAIT! I love your other work!  can I commission something in that style?! Block printing??? comic-y bookish? 

Oh absolutely, if you mention that you like my comic styles, I would love to do a commission for you, just include it in your discussion e-mail!  

Full payment prior to the Sketch Phase is needed when dealing with mediums outside of paper cut work. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me! 




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